Thursday, October 20, 2011

We're all pregnant now. Or have an STD. Possibly both.

WARNING: Due to some adult content, viewer discretion is advised.

Picture this: You're standing with several of your closest friends, when suddenly you are pushed into a mass bubble bath full of people. People are "dancing" way to close to each other, there is no rooms to breath, bubbles are towering over your head, most of the guys have their shirts off, and you definitely saw a penis a minute ago.

Actually, don't picture that. Very sorry for that mental image you are now experiencing.

Despite what you are now thinking, this was not a porno being shot or a planned mass orgy. This was SU's  Foam Party. The Water Club put this event together to help raise money to build wells in Africa (actually, I'm not sure what they do exactly, but don't most water clubs have the same goal?).

I've been to one other Foam Party in my life. It was at an Under-21 Dance Club in Ocean City, Maryland. The club, H2O, had a large pipe that dropped foam from the ceiling onto the dance floor.

This party, however, was a bit different. Foam still shot out from a pipe, but instead of it just landing on the dance floor, there was a foam pit. Yes, a pit. As in a very large bath tub.

Of course, my friends and I only learned this after we had gotten into to TRAX. However, despite our reservations (especially about the fact that we were not allowed to wear shoes) we went in.

Somehow, we got pushed to the section where the foam was continuously coming out of the pipe. There were several times were I was completely covered in foam and had to fight my way out so I could breath. I touched way to many slippery bodies as there were so many people in this very small pit. My friends and I had to hold each other up so that we wouldn't slip and drown in the foam. And yes, I did see a penis.

After we had had enough of the foam (and the penises) we fought our way out, only to realize that we were all soaking wet, wearing only old shorts and tank tops, and it was 50 degrees outside. So we sprinted, barefoot (our feet were to slippery to run in flip flops), across campus and got back to Aikens as fast as we could. We all then took extremely hot showers for a good half hour.

The next day, we all had a good laugh about our gross experience. Then I heard from someone that they had found seven condoms in the foam pit. So I went and took another shower.

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