Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear God, She's Pregnant.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few days, you must have heard the news.

Snooki is pregnant.

Take a moment to digest that information. In the meantime, enjoy this picture:

Yep, the 4'9 "guidette" (what does that even mean?) is cooking a little bun in her oven. This is a woman who either spends her time getting drunk in New Jersey or trying to get drunk in Italy.

But you know, ok. It's none of my business if Snooki is going to have a baby. Despite her less then steller track record, if she is going to improve her health and lifestyle for the sake of the baby, good for her. It's her right, after all.

That was pretty much how I felt about the Snookie situation (if I felt anything at all), until I saw this on the Huffington Post:

In Virginia, under the new approved bill, private adoption agencies can prevent an adoption because of the parents' religious beliefs or sexual orientation.
What. The. Hell.

Children are being denied loving parents because of their sexual orientation or religious beliefs, but Snooki is allowed to have a kid.

Dear God, help us all.

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